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What web design platform is the best?

There are a lot of website design platforms out there and the real question you should be asking is what website design platform is the best for your business? You are the best person to decide what will be the right choice for your business.

Choosing the right website design platform is the key starting point when building a new website for your business. So, make sure you have done your research.

It all starts with an idea, so if you have an idea on what type of website your business will thrive on then you are ready to build one. Read below to grasp some information that can help you in choosing the write website design platform for your business.

What type of web design platform is right for you?

That all depends on what type of business you own and your experience level with web designing. Below are some website design platforms listed to help you out and guide you towards the right website design platform for your business.


Design platform for information/product displaying website:

WiX – Recommended for beginners (Free Website Builder)

A user-friendly website builder very convenient for beginners that are just starting to build their very first website.

No, you do not require any coding in order to build a website in WiX, instead you have the option to choose from several website templates readily available for you. Drag and drop builder makes it very easy and almost everything on the template can be tweaked at the touch of your finger.

WiX ADI – Short on time? Get online fast

WiX ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) is a new tool that WiX has come up with as the world is moving towards artificial intelligence. This works with simply answering a few questions after you sign up with WiX and then it will build a personalized website according to the answers you would have given.

This sets up the basics for you with custom text and images, later you can choose your own personal style or change the layout as it suits you. It has a range of futures you can choose from and custom build your website with a head start.


Design platform for eCommerce websites:

Shopify – Your website builder for any kind of online store.

This platform is very user friendly and has lot of pre-built design templates to choose from. If you are a beginner and do not know how to code, then this platform will be a good fit for you. A fully hosted eCommerce solution for your business.

It covers all the important functionalities such as hosting your website, platform or any backups will be done with ease. Drag and drop tools available for ease of use when creating a page.

You can set up your store with the 14-day free trial and get the feel for it. If you are happy to go forward, then simply select a plan.

Basic Shopify Plan ($29 USD/mo) – This is your go to plan if you are a new business or some one new to selling stock online.

Shopify Plan – This plan is good for a single online retail store looking to grow their business further.

Advanced Shopify Plan – Running 2 or more retail stores? Then this plan can be your best fit.


Design platform for all types of websites (Highly customizable):

WordPress – Popular website builder over the globe (open source)

This platform takes the lead in having the most websites on the web by far. As mentioned by WordPress 41% of the web is built on WordPress.

Most website design companies in Auckland use this platform and is highly rated for any type of website. This platform has plenty of built in templates specific to your business to choose from.

No, you do not need to code in order to build a website on WordPress. You can start building your website by choosing a template and then use drag and drop builder to easily build your desired website.

Yes, if you are good at coding then you can also edit your website as per your requirements by coding in different languages such as HTML, JavaScript and PHP.

It is the website design companies favourite due to it being extremely powerful, flexible and customizable.

WordPress is a suitable website design platform for any type of business you are in. It has all the flexibility from beginners to advanced level functionality.


So, are you ready to build your website?

Don’t hold back once you have made up your mind, whether it is your first time building a website or you are a professional there is only one thing that is holding you back and that is “Getting Started”.

So, get your website building shoes on and put your ideas to life. In today’s world a website is very important in order to have a successful business online. Get out there and make your brand stand out amongst others, beat your competition.

Don’t forget to do your research and decide for yourself what website design platform will best fit your business. Or simply just hire a website design company in Auckland that will take care of your website, so that you can solely focus on your primary business duties.

Get started today.