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Process of Website Development

Thinking about consulting a website development company to build a website for your business? But not sure about the process of website development and what it will involve?



Swaich InfoTech is a web development company in Auckland and we make this process seem very easy and hassle free. We will involve you from the design phase and keep you updated throughout. One of the key focuses of our website development company is our client. We believe that the website should showcase the client’s business effectively and help them grow by reaching out to the appropriate audience.

Let’s have a look at a general website development process and what it involves for a basic website:


Domain Name – Simply put, it is the web address ( for your website. Purchasing a domain name is the very first step towards building a website. This is usually purchased by the business owner as it is very straight forward and easy to do but can also be done by the website development company. When purchasing the domain name, you should bear in mind that it should be unique and match your registered business. It will be beneficial if the domain name is simple and catchy, which will make sure that your targeted customers remember your web address easily. Some of the main domain name providers in NZ are godaddy, crazydomains, domins4less, etc.




Web Hosting – Now that you have purchased your domain name, it will need a web host which will provide the service to broadcast your website onto the internet. In another words the web host will help you in getting your website up and running on the internet. The web hosting part is usually taken care of by your local website developers in Auckland and has an annual fee to keep the website up and running on the internet. It is important to have a web host which provides fast response time to upload your website quickly. Having a website with a fast loading speed will be advantageous as it is one of the many things that google considers for ranking your website.




Branding – A unique identity is very important for any business to stand out. The website development company can provide their expertise and help you create a tailored logo for your business. Most households now days have apple products with that distinct logo of a bitten apple on them, have you ever wonder what it means or how it came about?  The apple logo represents the forbidden fruit from the “Tree of knowledge” from the biblical story of Adam & Eve and the bite in the apple stand for the computer term “Byte”. This shows that there was a proper thinking process that the designer went through to design a simple yet meaning full logo. Branding goes beyond just a logo, it also includes business cards, pamphlets, flyers, marketing banners, etc.





Design & Functionality – At this point the website development company will research and find out in depth about their client’s business. They will also involve the client to gain further understanding about his business and his requirements for the project.

The website design part will involve the aesthetic appeal of the website which will include the colour scheme, layout, content and images. The functionality side of the website development will ensure that the website will include all the important feature such as blog, social media, members’ login, e-commerce capabilities, advertising, etc. This part can evolve as the customer’s requirements can change throughout the process. These changes can be minor or major and should be well document so that there no miscommunication between the website development company and the customer. This part will determine the type of bells and whistles your website will have, so take your time and outline all the necessary requirements for your website.




Web Marketing – This is the deciding factor for your business presence online. One of the major aspects of web marketing is SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization and it will help your website to get higher ranking in search engines such as google, bing, etc. Swaich InfoTech use white hat SEO techniques to ensure that your ranking is improved using the right methods as per the guidelines outlined by google, bing, etc.

The web marketing also involves Google/Bing Ads, Social Media Ads, blog posts and more quality web marketing services. Google/Bing Ads will help your business advertise for targeted keywords that relate to your audience. This will help your business to reach out to more customers that are specifically interested in your products and services. The Social Ads using Facebook, Instagram & Twitter will achieve the same outcome of reaching more customers but require a slight different setup. Lastly the easiest and effective way to get noticed on the web is by writing informative blogs. The blog if written strategically can improve the SEO for your website and improve your ranking significantly.




Testing – The website development company will provide testing for your website as well. The testing will ensure that there are no issues with the website and that it runs smooth on every device. The testing phase is the last milestone before the final project is delivered to the client. Testing is carried out by a professional QA (Quality Analysis) person and a number of different tests are carried out. The testing phase needs to be detailed and needs to follow a detailed plan to ensure that the website/software is bug free.





Swaich InfoTech team is a well-known website development company in Auckland and we ensure that the website development process is easy and hassle free.