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How to reach more customers via Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has influenced brands and businesses across the world using the various platforms available for marketing. In digital marketing it makes it possible to expand your business online using methods available such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Ads, Social Media Marketing (SMM), Email marketing etc.


New Zealand stats for internet use state that 91% of kiwis are using internet actively with 95% of all users browsing the web and 85% of the users spending most of their time on social networks. These stats indicate that most New Zealanders are online and hence why a digital marketing company in Auckland would plays such a big part in for your business.





The very first method that we will look into is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which provides user traffic to your business website and helps in increasing your website ranking in google search.


Want to see SEO in action? Search anything that you would like to do in google (buy a car, buy shoes, best restaurant in town, etc). Most of us are so used to selecting one of the websites from the 1st page of search results only, right? Do you really go on page 2 or beyond?


Well that is SEO services helping those business websites to rank on 1st page of google results. This marketing technique is becoming popular day by day as most business owners are getting the grasp of this marketing idea and the results behind it.


This method is well known by many digital agencies out there but also has some downfalls where shortcuts and tricks are used to get your website ranking higher in search engines, which will affect you in the long term or may even have your website black listed making it very difficult to get back up and running.


To ensure such problems do not occur, ensure that you get onboard a trusted seo company Auckand who make use of white hat SEO techniques. These techniques will provide long lasting results and ensure the integrating of your business image. The SEO experts will help you keep updated with new terms and conditions of search engines such as google/bing.




Google Ads

More and more people are searching for your business online and the services you offer and google ads play a big part in promoting your business online.


This method ensures that your business website appears on the top of 1st page google results when customers search for services/products that your business offers. It can be easily seen if a business is using google ads to promote their business as their search result will have AD in a box next to it.


To start off set up a campaign for your business on Google Ads today or hire a professional Social Media Marketing company and get more conversions to your business. The beauty of running such a campaign is that you will only be charged if the customer shows interest and clicks to visit your website. It also allows you to create ads tailored to customers that are looking for specific services that your business offers.


Google Ads provide results and the success behind the results is the setup of a campaign by a professional advertiser. A top Google Ads professional will help you set up the campaign for your business from scratch and get you results by targeting the right audience at the right time and specific geo locations.




Social Media Marketing

Helping businesses engage with customers online on social media has evolved the marketing world for ever since social media platforms laid out ad campaigns. To help grow businesses ad campaigns are created to target potential customers online and increase brand awareness.


NZ businesses are investing in social media advertising for the growth into the future as most of us are spending more and more time online.


Social Media Marketing (SMM) covers a lot of platforms including,


All of these platforms have their own Ad Campaign set up criteria’s, but the outcome may be similar or exactly what other platforms offer such as brand awareness, engagement, conversion, lead generation etc.


Facebook is the major player in social media marketing and a Facebook ad setup also gives you the option to run the ad on Instagram if the account is linked to your Facebook Page.


A lot of people do try setting up the campaigns and run it for their own business to engage with audiences. It is great if you are a keen learner and would have enough time to analyse and tweak your campaigns but would highly advise to leave it to the professionals.


Setting up an effective campaign is critical as you could be wasting a lot of money with very low return on investment if not done right. A proactive SMM (Social Media Marketing) agency will take care of everything for you and will set up an efficient campaign to ensure that you are rewarded with the best results.




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