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6 Tips to create a website that delivers results

A successful website is always the one that is focused on its audience and helps convert them into your customer. So, it is important that you put your visitors first.


Everyone now days is taking their business online and equally new business owners are starting of with having a detailed professional website to gain more revenue. So, get in touch with a website design company in Auckland or the region your based in to get started.


Let’s share some tips below that you can implement to create a website that delivers results.



Tip #1: Story telling

Set up your home page such that it tells a story to your visitors, it helps to get your visitors interested in the content and convert them into customers. This tip also helps getting your visitors to understand more about your business and what you have to offer.


Storytelling is a great method used as us humans love stories and when your story can relate to your visitors, it helps by giving them confidence in your product and convert that lead into a sale.


It is equally important to also have a good layout when your setting up your home page and that your story has a good flow throughout. Most eCommerce companies use this effective method as well as other businesses.



Tip #2: Use pictures

As well as telling an informative story to your website audience, it is beneficial to use good quality pictures which can also help tell part of the story in a more effective way.


A good image can help your visitors get a feel for the product and highlight your brand. An image gives the audience a good first impression of your website and hence why every website page you open will have an Image that helps grab the user’s attention. A good story followed by a detailed good quality image can increase user traffic and hits to your website.


You can pick a few free good quality images online if you don’t have any available. Check out Unsplash for some good high-quality free images.



Tip #3: Insert call to action buttons

You might be able to tell a good story and provide good images to gain user attention but leading your visitors down to the correct path where they are most likely to convert into a customer. This is highly important because you want visitors to know they can purchase your product, contact you, know more about the product etc.


Call to action buttons are aligned with your visitor’s mindset to get them even more interested into your product. When writing your call to action button focus on making your reader feel like as they are being spoken to directly.


The color of your call to action button is also very important and the two most widely used colors you will see on websites are orange or green. Some say orange works better then green and the others may say green trumps orange.


To be very frank use the color that best fits your website and it doesn’t have to be orange or green but make sure you pick contrasting/bright colors. The contrasting/bright colors for your call to action button will help make it stand out, so that your visitors know exactly where to click to convert.


Keep in mind that upon arrival of your visitor to your page, they should always be able to find the call to action button immediately.



Tip #4: Improve user experience

Create a website that is very user friendly and has easy navigation. The audience to your website could be of any age group, but they all want one thing in particular for your website to be simple and easy to navigate from one section to another or one page to another page.


You want the audience to stay, so make your website effortless and convert user traffic into customers. A user-friendly website is a combination of using proper taglines, informative content, attention grabbing images, etc.


Speed of your website matters a lot for a user-friendly website. Visit Googles PageSpeed Insights tool for checking the speed of your website. Below are the metric scores that identify your page speed with color codes.


0 to 49 (red): Poor

50 to 89 (orange): Needs improvement

90 to 100 (green): Good


Aim for your website speed to be between 90 to 100 to provide a good user experience. Achieving a 100 is very hard work and complicated, so focus on being above 90. The speed of your website is also one of the factors that google considers when ranking your website and has a positive effect on your website SEO.



Tip #5: Implement https/SSL certificate

A secure website is what visitors want and to identify a secure website look for the ones that have the “s” at the end of the http or a padlock next to it when you do your next search.


Https means the website you are visiting has an SSL (Secure Socket layer) certificate and in simple terms it means that the website is secure and encrypted. So, you can be at peace of mind when you share any information on that website.


Visit GoDaddy for your SSL certificates to secure your website and build trust with your audience that are searching for you.



Tip #6: Optimize submission form

Your website may include a request a quote page or contact us page and for either of the forms it is best advised to ask as fewer questions as possible but make sure that the information you collect is important. The user prefers it to be simple and straight forward and might not feel safe to share every single detail about themselves.


Complex and frustrating submission forms cause a negative experience for the user. Keep it simple, only ask for information that you really need and have the fields set in a logical way and what is most important.



These are our top tips to get the most effective results from your website provided by the best Website design team in Auckland, Swaich Infotech.