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6 Steps to rank your website higher on google in 2022

Wanting to rank higher on google in 2022? You have come to the right blog post. It takes time to rank higher on google but it is totally worth the effort. If done correctly then you can reap the benefits of more user traffic to your site quicker.

So, to get your website to rank higher on google in 2022 you need to follow these 6 steps below.

Step #1 – Research the topic or keyword you want to rank for

Before we begin to even optimise the web page to get higher in ranks, we should focus on researching the topic or keywords we want to rank high for in google search engine results.

Simply use Google Keyword Planner for quality keyword/topic research.

Once you have found out what you want to rank high for in google. Follow the next steps below.

Step #2 – Focus on on-page SEO

If your website page that you want to rank high for is already published, then focus on tweaking your on-page SEO. But if you are totally building a new page or writing a new blog post then implement on-page SEO as you write down the content.

On page SEO involves:

  • Placing the keyword in your main title
  • Input your keyword into the first paragraph (Making the topic clear from the beginning)
  • Mention the keyword in your H2, H3 tittles
  • Write long-trails of the focus keyword into the content
  • Create user focused content
  • Use pictures and input keyword into the alt text of the image

Step #3 – Rank higher with YOAST SEO plugin

Simply install the YOAST SEO plugin which makes it so much easier by guiding you in how to input your keyword and make it rank higher. This plugin in also takes care of your site’s technical SEO. This is the #1 plug in for SEO on a WordPress website.

3 easy steps to rank higher with YOAST SEO

  • Input focus key phrase
  • Insert Meta Tag
  • Insert Meta description

Leave the rest of it up to the plugin to guide you on how to improve your on page SEO and sort out the technicalities.

Step #4 – Link building

Build some internal links on the page to create a flow of information within your website. Use external links for information flow to external websites. Finally get other high authority websites to link to yours to rank higher. Link building can help your rank higher in google and build up your web sites authority.

How many internal or external links you should use?

You don’t have to figure this out as step #3 YOAST SEO plugin will guide you and let you know if you have too little or too many internal and external links.

Links from other high authority websites can be hard to get but one easy way can be through sharing your content on social media and if people really like your content, they will share it. For more information on link building check out MOZ blog.

Step #5 – Off-site SEO to rank higher

Once you have followed through with steps 1 to 4, it is time to focus on off page SEO. Link building from external high authority websites is also an off-site tactic as briefly mentioned in the previous step.

Off-site SEO involves:

  • Social media sharing
  • Content marketing
  • Forums
  • Guest posting – part of link building
  • Podcasts to build brand
  • Making website mobile-friendly
  • Increasing website loading speed
  • Updating the websites back end for any plugins


Step #6 – Higher a SEO Company

SEO is the only way to get your website to rank higher on Google in 2022 and it involves a lot of optimisations. Simply it is better to invest in a SEO company that can help your rank higher in google. They know all the tactics and have proven steps they follow to get your website to rank high in search engines.

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