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6 Beginner design ideas for your new website

As a beginner into the world of developing your on website there is always the question raised, where should I start? Most beginners struggle to make a start and are confused whether they should go through with it. The simple answer to the question is “just go ahead and make a start”, the more you start to double think the more delay it is going to cause you.

Once you have made a start you will be glad and be wandering why you did not start from day one. But never mind it is never to late to begin. Let’s list a few basic beginner design ideas for you.


#1 – Start by jotting down the main points on a piece of paper.

Before you actually jump on the web and start designing it is very important to jot down what you are trying to achieve. Outline what your business is and the type of website you would need to build in order to fulfil your business needs and goals. The best ideas are born with a pen and paper.


#2 – Keeping it simple

Whenever you begin to build your very first website make sure to keep it simple to start of with as later on you can start learning the complicated stuff. Most website platforms will give you a design theme to choose from and some of them will best fit what you are looking for and others you will have to choose and edit yourself.


#3 – Build the website with the user in mind

Ensure that when you start building your website to make sure that you keep the user in mind. User friendly websites always will be more rewarding in terms of turning users into paying customers.


#4 – Engaging content

Do give your content a lot of thought and always research the web to find unique ideas to help build unique engaging content that focuses on grabbing the user’s attention from the beginning. Content is key to a successful running website.


#5 – Pictures that speak a thousand words

Building a website with pictures that can relay a visual message to the user can change your website completely and users will be more engaged instead of getting bored and tracking away from your website.


#6 – Take your time

Set a deadline for your website project but don’t ever rush it and try to finish it within a day. Keep in mind that the website you are building is for your business and you need to take your precious time in order to build a website that will deliver results.


The above design ideas are for beginners to help get started and begin their web designing journey in order to build great business. We all start from the beginning whenever we take on a new project and once, we complete that project we feel accomplished and glad that we took that decision to make the start and finish the project in time. Get started today otherwise you always have the option to hand it over to the professional website design company.